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Charmazon™ Portable Fresh Juice Smoothie Blender

Charmazon™ Portable Fresh Juice Smoothie Blender

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This dope trending gift of 2022 waterproof, wireless portable blender is perfect for making healthy and delicious juices and smoothies on the go to the gym or airport! Whether you're headed to the gym, or just want to make a healthy drink to take on the go, the Portable Fresh Juicer Blender is the perfect solution!

This powerful little blender comes with a 1400 battery that can be recharged via USB, so you can blend drinks without being tethered to an outlet.


Item Type: Portable Juicer Blender
Blender Capacity: 360 ml
Blender Color: Pink, White
Blender Weight: 490g
Blender Size: 82*82*218mm
Design Patent: 201930726345.9
Input Voltage: DC 5V 1A
Battery Voltage: 1400mAh 7.4V
Rated Power: 50W

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